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This is me

I'm Rashel Hariri.

I am a Marketing and Ecommerce leader. Recognized by Marketing Mag as a Marketing Top 30 Under 30. I've spent 12 years helping global organizations build and scale their marketing teams. I've created marketing campaigns and strategies from ideation to execution. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and often speak at conferences and guest-lecture at universities and online schools. I've helped brands double their digital footprint, build community, and establish marketing engines that drive acquisition. And now, I'm taking on a new challenge and consulting technology startups in eCommerce, DTC, SaaS, and AI. Feel free to reach out - let's chat! 


Digital Marketing  eCommerce 
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Social Media

Coaching    Marketing Operations  

Content Marketing  Public Speaking Organizational Management 

I advise startups and scale-ups on how to manage and market their brands, build their marketing teams, and set objective-driven strategies.

I've created impactful programs for businesses across major verticals in Technology, Food and Beverage, Banking, and more! 

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