Fractional CMO | Tech Marketing Consulting | Fundraising

Fractional CMO

I join your startup as an honorary team member on a part-time basis, aka a Fractional Head of Marketing. I dedicate 1-2 days a week to building your marketing strategy, team, and content engine.  This is the best option for businesses that need a marketing leader to help them build and scale. I work with leadership teams to build their marketing and take it from strategy to execution.

Minimum 25 hrs/mth

Tech Marketing Consulting

I work with your founding team to build a strong go-to-market strategy and brand vision. If your startup is in need of industry expertise and marketing leadership to drive forward initiatives, but you're low on time and resources and need expert advice, that's when you call me. I will work with your team to determine your marketing priorities and strategies. 

- Marketing Strategy

- Brand Narrative

- Go-To-Market Strategy

Minimum 15 hours/mth


I work with founding teams to create a kickass pitch deck. If you're ready to raise your next round and need to land on a strong pitch, I'll work with your team to craft your narrative. I also run a practice pitch session to help you level up your presentation skills.

Per project basis